Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Pictures

We just had our family pictures taken before we left Provo so as to preserve the memories. A good friend took them, I think she did a great job. There are some of my favorites, though definitely not all. I will add some more later!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Doesn't that sound like a cool title? It looks like it could even be a French word. I was posting on a friend's blog and had to type that in for security purposes and thought, "What a cool word; I should blog about it." And so, here I am blogging about "Legefoue." Tell your friends! Is this a real word? Who knows, and I don't really care, but I would be interested to hear some of your ideas for a definition of "Legefoue."

On another note, I was bitten by a mosquito tonight and as I contemplated how good it would feel to itch it, I thought about West Nile Virus, and then about our move to Wyoming this coming week. It is funny how that all seems to run together in my crazy brain. This move has been extremely stressful on me, but we have been so blessed. For example: my friend Lenzy called me up tonight and said (in a condensed version): "I had a really horrible, no good, very bad day; can I bring you some yummy dinner?" Although I should be the one bringing her food, it was a very nice time and a great break from packing. Hopefully it cheered her up, too.

We will load our moving truck on Wednesday and head out early Thursday morning to arrive in Gillette, WY in the late afternoon/early evening. Another blessing is with the moving truck: thanks to a moving thread on we were able to get our moving truck rental down about $100 and saved an extra $150 by picking the truck up in Sandy instead of Provo. A bit of a hassle, yes, but well worth the $250 saved.

Yet another blessing is that I realized that today was the very LAST time we will have to wash our clothes in a laundromat (theoretically, of course). This also means that I can start cloth diapering! I am going to go with the Bum Genius 3.0's and I also have some Fuzzi Bunz and G-Diapers to experiment with. I will post in the future with the results of my diapering experiences so as to better inform you, my reading public who currently or will soon diaper.

Legefoue to you, my friends! And with that, I end.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the winner is...Wyoming???

Driving Through Wyoming

Our prayers have been answered, and this answer definitely shows that our Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor. After months of despairing that Andrew wouldn't find a job he was finally offered one in Gillette, Wyoming! How is that for putting a kink in our well-intended plans?

We had always intended on moving to the East after we finished school and had dreams of all the lovely trees and landscapes (not to mention all the cool places to visit), but it seems that we are needed in Wyoming for some reason or another. We really hope that it isn't too permanent, though! We will keep dreaming of trees in the meantime.

A little info about Wyoming and Gillette. Did you know that Wyoming is the LEAST populated state in the Union? I wonder why...I guess we will find out as soon as we move there. Gillette is situated in the north eastern part of Wyoming and calls itself "The Energy Capital of the Nation." Gillette is a small town of about 30,000 people and it has great schools, which is the main reason why we are moving there. Andrew will have no worries about losing his job because of budget cuts (unlike most of the nation). It is also near such sites as Mount Rushmore and Devils Tower, so if anyone is looking to do some site seeing, stop on by!