Monday, January 2, 2012

Für Susanne...

Danke für die Geschenke, Familie Siebert! Letzten Freitag haben wir eine Überraschung aus Deutschland! Susanne hat mir Früchtetee gekauft und ich mag es! Ich habe mit Andrew geteilt aber nur ein wenig. Ravenna und Andrew haben ihre Kindereier geliebt und Ravenna mag ihr Armband und ihre Kerze. Es war so lieb von euch und wir hoffen, euch zu bald sehen. Was möchten sie aus den USA, bitte? (Ich denke, dass die Susanne braucht ein Blog).

With the help of a German dictionary and occasional grammar help from Andrew I wrote that paragraph! It may have taken me half an hour but I did it! Here is the translation: Thank you for the gifts, Siebert Family! Last Friday we got a surprise from Germany! Susanne got me fruit tea and I love it! I have shared with Andrew but only a little bit. Ravenna and Andrew loved their Kinder Eggs and Ravenna loves her bracelet and candle. It was so nice of you and we hope to see you soon. What would you like from the USA? (I think Susanne needs a blog)

Winter Solstice

To celebrate the shortest day of the year I decided to hold a play group/party. I wasn't able to get many pictures because Ravenna was having a rough time but I think the party still turned out pretty well. The kids played, the mom's chatted, sugar plums were made and devoured and a peanut butter was smeared onto pine cones in the hopes of feeding hungry birds. Fun stuff!

I loved this recipe for sugar plums! I even soaked and dehydrated the walnuts beforehand! They were very easy to make, reasonably healthy, and the kids seemed to enjoy dipping them into various substances. We used sugar, coconut and cocoa powder (the least favorite with the kiddos). I think the best part was getting mom's and kids out of their homes on the darkest day and finding something to celebrate!