Monday, May 27, 2013

Ravenna Had A Birthday!

Nearly a month ago Ravenna turned 5 years old and I during the craziness that the month of May has been, I have neglected to share any pictures. A few days before her actual birthday Ravenna had what she called her "pretend birthday." It was simply a play date for a few of her friends where her friends brought handmade gifts (so precious!) and decorate cupcakes. It went off splendidly and I don't think there is any other way to do a birthday party for young children. Ravenna was happy, the kids were happy, and it was so easy for me to put together. Ahhhh, simplicity!

You can see how much Ravenna enjoyed opening up the handmade gifts from her friends.
Opening a gift from Oma Leslie. A "baby" carrier for her build-a-bear.
On her actual birthday we tried to do many special things for her. She got a special lunch with Grandpa Whitlock at Wendy's (her choice) and then a trip to Chocolate World, and then a BBQ with her Grandparents and uncles and soon-to-be aunt.

You will notice in this picture that she is wearing a swim suit given to her by her Oma Leslie. It was really hard to get her to not wear it to school!

I love the personality of my 5 year old girl! She brings so much joy to our lives with her spunk and sunny disposition. Her friendliness with any and all people that she meets reminds me that I probably ought to be more friendly myself. I just love how easy she is to please; Any gift, handmade or not, brings a smile to her face and she cherishes it. She also adores to give away her gifts to those she loves in order to share that joy. In fact, for Mother's Day this year she gave me one of her necklaces that a friend made her for her birthday so that I too could feel special. What a wonderful girl she is! So generous, kind and loving. I am lucky to be her mother.