Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter at the Whitlock's

As far as snow goes, this winter has been lame. We have gotten many days with terrible driving conditions but only one inch of snow at a time! No sledding for us.

However, no amount of snow is too small for this girl to attempt a snow angel (with tongue stuck out to catch the falling snow).
Fort-building, using the couch cushions and anything else available, is a daily occurrence in our house in winter. Unfortunately it means that we don't have a couch to sit on for most of the day.
Also, wrestling occurs every day throughout the year, until Daddy falls asleep, that is. This is usually how it begins.

This Momma is aching for spring to get here already! We are all ready for sunny walks, digging in our garden, and putting our winter clothes away. Ugh...how many more weeks of winter?