Sunday, November 22, 2009


We are officially homeowners! I have to say that this last week was very stressful, if not horrific, at times. It seemed like anything that could go wrong, did. Today I am physically and mentally exhausted from a rough week and my new home is still a disaster of boxes and the fridge it still mostly empty. Thankfully we have some great in-laws who are feeding us tonight and our ward took care of us for a night or two. Here is a breakdown of our week:

Sunday: Lovely, as usual; the calm before the storm.

Monday: Mortgage broker goes AWOL. In our search for info we learn that we don't have mortgage approval

Tuesday: Still no word on whether or not our loan will be approved before we close Wednesday at 11 AM. Go to pick up moving truck and the rental place is closed (during normal business hours). We are rerouted to another place setting us back 1/2 an hour and as we turn into the rental place we get hit by an gentleman who just "didn't see us." Carrie loses it and turns into a weeping mess. Pick up the truck and load it without further incident.

Wednesday: 8 AM inspection of home, the approval is in but the "package" isn't. 11 AM still waiting for the package so that we can close. 12 PM still waiting (truck is due back by 5 PM). 1 PM still waiting with cranky toddler. 2:30 PM We finally close! 3:40 We own our home and start unloading. The rest of the day goes off without a hitch and everything gets unloaded on time.

Thursday: Appliances get delivered but OPPPSS! They don't fit into out laundry room. Erg. Get a stacking kit for our washer/dryer.

Friday: What happened on Friday? Lost in a haze of cardboard and packing paper.

Saturday: Neighbors help us stack washer/dryer (hurray!) and water heater goes out.

At the end of a rather crazy week we don't have a hot water and can't assemble the biggest piece of our furniture, but we have a lot to be grateful for. We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving this week and we can't wait for Andrew to get a couple days of break! I will make sure to post pictures as soon as we get our Internet hooked up.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New House Week 10

It's finished! Not really, but it is almost there! On Saturday when we arrived for our weekly peek a crew was busy finishing the painting and staining and the last of the vinyl siding was going up on the garage. The "nasty green stuff" for the grass was sprayed this week so everything looks pretty sludgy.

These are the correct kitchen counters and I like them much better. Our BLACK appliances are in except for our gas stove which is still missing. I hope that it will be there this week because I won't close on the house without it. Yes, it is that important to me, plus we paid a lot extra just to get it.

Because I couldn't resist, here is a picture of our main floor powder room. In my estimation the only things left to be done are landscaping the front, paving the driveway and putting up the garage door. I am still waiting to hear from the agent about the final walk through which is supposed to be sometime this week.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ravenna's Halloween 2009

I bring you Ravenna as Minnie Mouse, courteousy of Oma and Opa "The Disney Fanatics" Hettinger!

Not one to stand still for the photo shoot while spooky decorating was going on, this was the best shot I was able to get of her whole costume.

I just thought I would throw this one in for good measure to prove that you are never too old to go trick-or-treating...from the left Chris (19), Melissa (21?), Josh 14.

After filling her pink purse with candy that her mommy wouldn't let her eat, Ravenna was done for the evening. She futilely tried to gum a tootsie roll in its wrapper before her mother snatched it from her slobbery grasp; she found one the next day and ate it anyway, wrapper and all. Take that mom!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New House Week 9 (Late!)

I have absolutely no pictures of the house from last week because I was on vacation! Ravenna and I took a last minute trip to visit my family before winter set in and Ravenna could no longer fly for free. Oh yeah, and we couldn't miss out on my Dad's rocking Halloween extravaganza.

As for the house, Andrew went through and said that they are starting to remedy some of the mistakes and that everything is in: carpet, light fixtures, toilettes, etc. All that remains to be finished are having the counters replaced, correct appliances installed, and a final coat of paint which should happen pretty soon; I hope this week, but I won't get to see until the weekend.

The garage is also being fixed and the siding should go up any day now. For your enjoyment below are more pictures from our trip to California.

Chris, Ravenna and I at the top of Mt. Rubidoux with the city of Riverside in the background. All the years that I had lived in Riverside I had never climbed Mt. Rubidoux so Chris and his girl friend Melissa were kind enough to invite me along. Ravenna was not so happy about it because she wanted to be walking, not in her stroller.

At the pumpkin patch in Oak Glen with Oma and Opa. Ravenna hated the pumpkin at that moment because she fell down trying to pick it up and got giant thorny stickers in her hands. It was so sad!

The chickens were pretty awesome, though.