Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Trip to Upstate New York

 To celebrate the end of the school year for Andrew and to take advantage of a particularly fortuitous opportunity to (finally!) meet one of my internet friends, we took a weekend trip to Palmyra, New York. We drove up on the morning of June 7th, stopping to visit Watkins Glen State Park in the Finger Lakes District. We didn't have much time there, and at 8 months pregnant I couldn't do much hiking, but it was really beautiful and we hope to go back in the future when I am more mobile.
Just one of the 19 waterfalls in the gorge

Meeting up with Jenni was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. We arranged beforehand for Jenni to henna my belly and she did a great job. Jenni lives in Alaska so getting a chance to meet up with her and her family on this side of the world was something I really could not pass up. The henna was just a bonus!
At the Sacred Grove

On Saturday we also visited the Palmyra temple and LDS Church History sites and then made the long drive back home. It was a quick trip but definitely worth it.


Lisa Cook said...

I love the henna! Your pregnant belly is beautiful!!! So glad you got to meet your friend and have a little getaway with the family before baby!

Blasphemous Homemaker said...

That's exciting that you got to meet up with each other!